This white sage and floral smudge bowl is perfect for burning in your fire pit, as part of your cleansing/self care ritual. It contains white sage, rose, lavender, gypsophilia (baby's breath) and heather, housed in a coconut shell. Why not re-purpose the shell after your ritual? Simply empty the contents into your fire pit, as opposed to burning with the herbs and flowers...

Yerba Santa Sage: Yerba Santa sage is great for protection, setting boundaries and cleansing your home of negative energy.

Lavender: The relaxation and calming properties of this flower are perfect for cleansing your home, office or wellness studio.

Roses: For centuries, this flower has been given as a symbol of love and as such, will infuse love energy into your home.


All my smudge sticks are cleansed using either sage or palo santo, during the making process.


  • Please allow 2-3 days for this item to be made