This Health Crystal Intention Box has been created to enhance your overall health. I have selected crystals that support mental, respiratory and boost the immune system, as I think positive energy in these areas is needed even more right now!


Green Aventurine Green Aventurine has great benefits for the lungs, sinuses and heart. It has also been said that this crystal can help to enhance eyesight!

Amethyst  is a great crystal for enhancing the immune system, boosting digestive health and can also help to soothe headaches.

Citrine helps to fight feelings of depression and helps to push away negative thoughts.



  • Aventurine Thumb Stone
  • Citrine Tumble Stone
  • Amethyst Chunk
  • Mini Selenite Wand


Elegantly presented in an eco friendly box, complete with crystal information, a guide on how to use, placement and afffirmations...


  • 1 - 2 inches approx