This Fertility Crystal Intention Box has been specially created for women who want to conceive (professional medical advice should ALWAYS be sought). I have specifically chosen crystals that both relax and aid in conception, as being in a relaxed state of mind is imperative with this intention. 


Rose Quartz is also known as the stone of universal love. It is an amazing stone that can ease stresses associated with fertility and enhances the bond between mother and baby, both during and after pregnancy.

Unakite can enhance fertility and aid in a healthy pregnancy. It is also great for balancing the reproductive system.

Green Aventurine  can encourage pregnancy and enhance fertility. It is also a great stone for settling feelings of nausea, which will come in useful, when you do become pregnant!!!



  • Unakite Thumb/Worry Stone 
  • Green Aventurine Moon
  • Rose Quartz Chunk
  • Mini Selenite Wand


Elegantly presented in an eco friendly box, complete with crystal information, a guide on how to use, placement and affirmations...


  • 1 - 2 inches approx