This Menopause Crystal Intention Box has been created to help ease the transition and provide some relief from common symptoms of the menopause.


Lapis Lazuli helps with insomnia and is great for healing the reproductive system

Carnelian is great for helping to keep your hormones balanced. It is a great crystal for helping to combat hot flushes/flashes casued by the menopause. It is overall an amazing stone for balancing the reproductive system.

Clear Quartz  know as The Master Healer can help fight fatigue, boost your mood, fight depression  and improve your overall mental health



  • Lapis Lazuli Thumb/Worry Stone
  • Carnelian Chunk
  • Clear Quartz Chunk
  • Mini Selenite Wand


Always seek professional medical advice

Elegantly presented in an eco friendly box, complete with crystal information, a guide on how to use, placement and affirmations...


  • 1 - 2 inches approx