This Creativity Crystal Intention Box was created with the 'creative' in mind. If you have a business or career in the creative industries, you'll be no stranger to wrtiers block and sometimes knowing what it is you want to say, but just having one of those moments, where nothing 'comes to you'...

I created this set with this in mind and to help keep those creative juices flowing.


Citrine stimulates creativity and is also an excellent crystal for creativity in business and new ideas.

Tigers Eye releases  blocked creativity and helps you to remian focussed.

Orange Calcite enhances creativity.



  • Orange Calcite Sphere
  • Citrine Crystal Chunk
  • Tigers Eye Raw Chunk
  • Mini Selenite Wand


Elegantly presented in an eco friendly box, complete with crystal information, a guide on how to use, placement and affirmations...


  • 1 - 3.5inches approx