This sage and palo santo floral smudge stick is made with white sage, palo santo ( holy wood), dried lavender, gypsophilia (also known as baby's breath and a lot of love.

Use this energy cleanser  to cleanse yourself. home or wellness studio. It can also be used to enhance your meditation practice.

Palo Santo: Palo Santo, also know as Holy Wood has the most amazing smell, and is perfect if you're wanting to cleanse yourself. It can be also be used to clear neagativity around the home.

White Sage: White sage is the most commonly known/used type of sage, and is widely used to clear negative energy in the home.

Lavender: The relaxation and calming properties of this flower are perfect for cleansing your home, office or wellness studio.

Roses: For centuries, this flower has been given as a symbol of love and as such, infuse love energy into your home.


All my smudge sticks are cleansed using either sage or palo santo, during the making process.