MY JOURNEY Healer|Therapist|Meditation Teacher|Spiritual Coach

Image by Chris Lee


A spiritual being, living a human existence! That statement is me in a nutshell...

I feel people, read energy, and as well as being able to be the life and soul of the party, can be equally quiet, naturally observant and am also highly intuitive!

My brother calls me Joseph the dreamer, as I have this 30 something year old dream book - inherited from my late mother, that I swear by... It really is my guide, and I have always felt, her way of communicating with me...

I only ever have dreams when there is something going on in my life that I need an answer to, and its interpretations are always on point.

During the UK lockdown, I realised that although I loved what I was doing at the time - because it made my clients happy, I wasn't actually fulfilled/happy myself...


In 2016, I qualified as a crystal healer, facialist and massage therapist, and more recently, as a meditation teacher and spiritual life purpose coach


I love nature, natural products, plants, flowers, candles, anything gold...

It definitely is natural meets glam with me, and this is what underpins my brand! I wanted to combine nature with glamour, and I feel that is what I have achieved here!



I love the fact that the treatments I offer not only beautify, but leave my clients feeling renewed, calm, balanced and glowing from the inside out!

I can truly say, this is the path I was chosen to walk, I'm absolutely in love with what I do and look forward to more learning and being able to offer a wider range holistic/spiritual treatments and services.

​I LOVE CRYSTALS & CANDLES (oh, and cocktails)

I own a vast collection of healing crystals and candles, and wanted to share the love with you all!

It's a true thing that if you 'do a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life'!