There is no such thing as too many crystals, and we all need good energy in our lives!


Crystal Boxes With Intention

These boxes have been lovingly and intentionally put together, to amplify your life and help you manifest your hearts desires...

Whether you want to manifest love or a goal, achieve business/career success, or boost your creativity, I have an Intention Box that is just perfect for you.

Made With Love

A lot of love and good energy goes into putting them together. They are also cleansed with white sage, before and after making them.

Each box comes with a complete guide with more information on your crystals, how to cleanse them and affirmations related to the intention.

Take a look and see what box of crystals you're drawn to - that is the set for you.


A mini selenite wand is included in all boxes. Selenite has many uses, including; using it to cleanse and amplify the energy of other crystals, by placing them on top of it. It is so powerful, that its also the ability to cleanse itself. Its a fabulous crystal to incorporate into any self cleansing practice.